Working method Personalberatung

Working method Personalberatung

Smart heads. Smart decision.

The search process in accordance with our 6-point plan

The foundation for a successful recruitment is the creation of a tailor-made competence and requirement profile. Equivalent to this is to look at the methodology of the search process itself. This follows in our home established rules and is divided into six process steps (6-point plan) ...

Personalberatung Prozess

1. Requirements

Personal calls for analysis and determination of the type of personnel shortage in your business. Joint decision on the type of adjustment human capacity (internal or external recruitment).

This is followed by the exact definition and coordination of the requirement profile. In personal interviews with your managers, specialists and personnel departments, we define an exact requirement profile. In the profile of your ideal candidate incorporated both professional and personal requirements. On this basis we create our offer.

2. Systematic analysis of the possible recruitment methods

The aim of our advice is optimally combine the tools of recruitment for you that your procurement needs can be covered with a minimum cost. The effectiveness of the various instruments must be assessed labor markets in terms of the various sources of supply or segments and situational select. The bandwidth instruments as e.g.: media-supported search, direct search, e-recruiting, social media recruiting, database search or college recruiting is versatile and efficient combined. Moreover, defining and designing the instruments in question, as well as implementation of these selected in the media.

3. Recruiting

Implementation of the entire application management, from initial contact through guiding the personal talks with potential candidates to the final candidate communications.

4. Profiling

After initial discussions with potential candidates we create detailed profiles for you where you can find an overview of our personal impression, qualifications, change reason, wishes and salary expectations of the candidates.

5. Personal candidates presentation

Opt for one of the candidates presented, there is a first personal meeting with you. And here has People & Projects a special service: We advise and support you both in the organization, as well as in the management and evaluation of these dates. Of course, you can count on our advice in the second week with the favored candidate of you - if you want.

6. The mandate has been completed, the follow-up begins

The mandate of People & Projects will be completed when a contract is signed. Even after the conclusion we will help you with your integration and candidates with advice and practical help.

Why People & Projects?

Discretion, open communication, active listening, partnership care, individual and high quality advice, transparent order processing, flexible solution inventions and designs are some of the key points, our clients value to us.

Another unique feature of the headhunters of People & Projects is that the response of the candidate is exclusively carried out by the headhunter who created the competence analysis and the requirement profile. Only in this way can be convincingly demonstrated the potential candidates the vacant position, and the corporate culture of our clients. Moreover, this approach increases the chances candidates to arouse interest in a new challenge even when not willing to change. Crucial to the success or failure of a mandate is the way candidates are addressed.

Normally, the period until the presentation of the first candidate is approximately 4-6 weeks.


Managing Director
Director Academy and Training
Head of Customer Service & Qualification
Head of Materials Development
Senior Sales Director
Head of Quality Management
Production Manager
Chief Buyer
Head of IT
Sales Manager Europe
Head of Production Planning
Principal Architect
Online Marketing Manager
Team leader Lean Management
Head of Application Technology
Development Engineer
Project Engineer System Engineering
Head of Department
Project Manager

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Fee policy

The determination of the total fee is based on analysis of your request and will be due on completion of the project. As Surcharges also arise here the cost of advertisements in the media.
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We give you the guarantee that your once invested fee leads to success and we find the right candidate for your business. Our mandates are concluded for an indefinite period. If there is insufficient given notice of us timeframe to successfully fill a vacancy, the mandate beyond this period will be maintained and indeed until a successful cast out as long cause.
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