Smart heads. Smart decision.

Headhunter from People & Projects e.K. are specialized in discrete recruiting of professionals and executives in all industries.

We work exclusively by direct search, that is, we recruit potential candidates from directly from the environment of your competitor. We give you the guarantee that your once invested fee leads to success and we will find the right candidate for your business.

Who sets new employees, always taking a risk. Wrong decisions can be expensive, difficult to correct and sometimes loaded with negative consequences. Pure analytical considerations of the candidates can not protect you in this case. Only experience can minimize this risk. Our headhunters have more than ten years of experience in the areas of personnel and corporate management. They maintain extensive networks and intensive contacts with leaders of different industries and are proven experts in the direct search of executives, professionals and specialists from an annual salary of 70,000 euros.

What is Headhunting?

Headhunting means the targeted and discrete recruiting of employees from competition or industry-related companies of the contracting company. After the exact analysis of the competitive environment our Headhunter present a so-called list of target companies. The foundation for a successful recruitment is the creation of a tailor-made competence and requirement profile of the position to be filled. By definition of the candidate profile, the identification beginns. In this step, all the employees are identified in the target company, the there the same position as the desired hold. After the identification, the direct approach of candidates is carried out in the target company.

Search process

Our search process follows established rules and is divided into six process steps (6-point plan):
  • Definition and coordination of competence and requirement profile
  • Systematic competitive analysis and preparation of the list of target companies
  • Identification and approach of candidates
  • Delivery of our candidate assessment in the form of a confidential report
  • The personal presentation of the candidates
  • Completion of the mandate and follow-up
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Why People & Projects?

Discretion, open communication, active listening, partnership care, individual and high quality advice, transparent order processing, flexible solution inventions and designs are some of the key points, our clients value to us.

Another unique feature of the headhunters of People & Projects is that the response of the candidate is exclusively carried out by the headhunter who created the competence analysis and the requirement profile. Only in this way can be convincingly demonstrated the potential candidates the vacant position, and the corporate culture of our clients. Moreover, this approach increases the chances candidates to arouse interest in a new challenge even when not willing to change. Crucial to the success or failure of a mandate is the way candidates are addressed.

Normally, the period until the presentation of the first candidate is approximately 4-6 weeks.