Fee policy


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The fee policy in the segments headhunting, executive search and HR consulting is very different from many providers. The fee breakdown in headhunting and executive search usually reach from 20% to 33% portion of the contractually agreed annual salary of the selected candidate. we have to offer our clients more cost transparency created a uniform standard in each segment.

Fee Headhunting / Executive Search

This total fee subject to customary in our industry, third scheme, that the total fee is demanded innerhalt course of the project in 3 steps: 1/3 with order, 2/3 when personal candidate presentation and 3/3 upon signing contract.

Pure performance-based contracts are not carried out by us.

Fee Personalberatung

The determination of the total fee is based on analysis of your request and will be due on completion of the project. As Surcharges also arise here the cost of advertisements in the media.


We give you the guarantee that your once invested fee leads to success and we find the right candidate for your business. Our mandates are concluded for an indefinite period. If there is insufficient given notice of us timeframe to successfully fill a vacancy, the mandate beyond this period will be maintained and indeed until a successful cast out as long cause. Our clients this may cause no additional costs.

The decision-making power of the entire recruitment process is at all times and exclusively with our clients. Clients can at any time use your rights to make the mandate prematurely terminate.

Guarantee during the trial period: in the event that either party should argue for the termination of employment during the probationary period, the mandate continued free. You only pay costs for more advertisements.