Interim Management

Smart heads. Smart decision.

Each company sees itself confronted with new challenges.

In order to respond adequately to the different stages of development, People & Projects has established the segment Interim Management.

If you want to take your business the knowledge and advice of specialists for a long time to complete, we offer individual top-level solutions. We arrange experts analyze the existing structures quickly and accompany an internal new beginning, depending on requirements or actively promote it. Here to proceed with the necessary sensitivity and thus create the "turnaround" for your business.

Our Interim Manager

  • Seasoned personalities of the 1st and 2nd management level (CEO, CFO, COO, CRO, CIO, CMO)
  • Possessing many years of management and project experience
  • Have industry-specific knowledge
  • Have already changing challenges mastered
  • Are crisis tested, conflictable and solution-oriented
  • Strong communication with pronounced social skills
  • Self Organized and mobile

Fields of Interim Management

  • Construction and optimization of individual or new business areas
  • Change management
  • Generational change in companies
  • Initiation and development of joint venture
  • Acquisition and transfer of ownership of a company
  • Business creation
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Bridging vacancies
  • Project Management
  • Planning, design and control of your projects
  • Assistance in product and technology selection
  • Selection and optimization of processes and methods

Why People & Projects?

Discretion, open communication, active listening, partnership care, individual and high quality advice, transparent order processing, flexible solution inventions and designs are some of the key points, our clients value to us.

Our aim: 100% satisfaction.

Through many years of experience working with small businesses and corporations as well as our commitment to business and economic development circles, we from People & Projects know the needs of companies and entrepreneurs very accurate. Each mandate we take on, we have a simple goal: 100% satisfaction.