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In Recruiters segment we offer our clients basically the full range of recruitment instruments such as e.g .: media-supported search, database search, e-recruiting, social media recruiting, college recruiting, u.v.m ..

Each method can be applied to one another on their own or in combination. The selection or combination of the method is in principle be based on the specific requirements for the position to be filled and taken in consultation with our clients. Our consulting service is not limited solely to the recruitment itself, but comes in at the time at which your business a staffing shortfall so staff need is identified.

In such a case is carried out by us at first an analysis of the type of the cover. Several instruments can be used here. From the adjustment of personnel capacity without changes in staff levels, on the appoint a candidate by an existing employee by way of transfer, promotion etc. (internal recruitment) to the changes in staff levels by re-adjusting.

The discretion of the recruitment will be structured and limited by numerous internal and external, and legal factors and fundamentals. The aim of our advice is optimally combine the tools of recruitment for you that your procurement needs can be covered with a minimum cost. The effectiveness of the various instruments must be assessed labor markets in terms of the various sources of supply or segments and situational select. The range of current recruitment instruments, such as e.g.: media-supported search, direct search, e-recruiting, social media recruiting, database search or college recruiting is versatile and efficient combined.

Search process

Our search process follows established rules and is divided into six process steps (6-point plan):
  • Definition and coordination of competence and requirement profile
  • Systematic competitive analysis and preparation of the list of target companies
  • Identification and approach of candidates
  • Delivery of our candidate assessment in the form of a confidential report
  • The personal presentation of the candidates
  • Completion of the mandate and follow-up
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Why People & Projects?

Discretion, open communication, active listening, partnership care, individual and high quality advice, transparent order processing, flexible solution inventions and designs are some of the key points, our clients value to us.

Another unique feature of the headhunters of People & Projects is that the response of the candidate is exclusively carried out by the headhunter who created the competence analysis and the requirement profile. Only in this way can be convincingly demonstrated the potential candidates the vacant position, and the corporate culture of our clients. Moreover, this approach increases the chances candidates to arouse interest in a new challenge even when not willing to change. Crucial to the success or failure of a mandate is the way candidates are addressed.

Normally, the period until the presentation of the first candidate is approximately 4-6 weeks.